How to Open JSON File

In this article, I’ll provide a detailed guide to open JSON File. In layman’s term, the acronym ‘JSON’ stands for ‘JavaScript Object Notation’. However, in the Computer Programming world, it is a text-based format for representing data structures and objects created in the highly versatile JavaScript programming language.

The central role of the ‘JSON’ format is to serve as a simple-natured method of transferring data that has been serialized over a secure network connection. Before data can be transmitted as a JSON file, such data must have been converted to a form that allows sharing, storage, and recovery of the data in its original structure.

What is .JSON File Extension?

A JSON file extension is a representation of the format in which the JSON file is stored. The standard file extension for all JSON files is ‘.json’, and it enables users to recognize JSON files while allowing JSON files to be transmitted in the desired format. The ‘.json’ file extension also makes the conversion of a particular JSON file from the JSON format to other standard formats possible.

Normally, JSON’s use is to formatting and transmitting data, but it can also be more useful when you combine it with other more complex programming languages to write specific programming scripts to instruct a computer system to perform precise instructions or follow specific commands.

How to Open JSON File

A widespread application of JSON files among people who don’t do a lot of heavy programming is its usage as the storage format for saving bookmarks in a lot of common website browsers. The use of JSON, in this case, allows the user to access his bookmarks in their original format once such bookmarks are needed.

How to Open JSON File

The method by which a user can access and open JSON file may differ according to the operating system of the computer on which the JSON file needs to be accessed.

For Windows PC:

Notepad is one popular app to open .JSON File on PC windows. However, we recommend similar and more efficient text editor Notepad++. 

Download Notepad++ from here if you don’t have installed it yet.

Once after download and installation, all you have to do is right-click on the file desired, choose the ‘Open with’ option in the drop-down menu, and click on ‘Notepad++’ in the ensuing sub-menu.

If after right-clicking to choose the Notepad++ application to open JSON file, the option is not immediately available, you can click on ‘Browse’ instead and then choose to use the Notepad++ Application to open & edit JSON file.

Other reliable and efficient text editors to open JSON files on Windows PCs include WordPad and Altova XMLSpy.

For Mac PC:

To open a JSON file on a computer running Mac operating system, the JSON file needs to be opened with the Apple Text Edit software. This application conveniently allows the viewing and reading of the contents of a JSON file.

BarebonesText Wrangler is also a great software program that can conveniently open JSON and HTML files of Mac Personal Computers.

For Linux:

On the Linux Operating System, JSON files can be opened with the Vim text editor for Linux. This particular editor is extremely flexible and is configured to deliver quality results tailored for your needs. Pico and GNU Emacs are other text editors available on the Linux Operating System that you can use to open JSON file.

For Others:

On any computer whatsoever, the backup file of a bookmark that has been automatically stored in the JSON format may be imported to a designated browser. For instance, Mozilla Firefox, and then opened to view the contents of the bookmarked page.

The Firefox Add-on ‘JSON view’ makes the direct opening and displaying of the contents of JSON files possible on the popular web browser.

Best JSON Editors

To enable your JSON file to serve your data transmission needs better, or to improve the compatibility of your JSON file with a related programming language as you compose your code, you may need to make a few essential changes to the data in your JSON file.

Software developers have recognized this need and have created a wide array of suitable JSON editors. Check them below…

Online JSON Viewer

This free web-based software conveniently and swiftly edits, beautifies, and helps you view JSON data in your desired format. You can also use this software to convert JSON data into related formats for other purposes.

Altova JSON Editor

This specific editing software features both a viewer and an editor. It supports files in the pure JSON format or the slightly adjusted JSON 5 format. The Altova JSON Editor allows you to edit JSON files using the same intuitive text code editor and convenient grid view available in standard XML formatting software.


This free online visual editor is reputed for its crisp, easy-to-navigate outlay. JSONMmate is also popular because of its ability to comfortably handle editing, queries, and visualizations of data in JSON format. This software is your one-stop-shop for all your JSON needs. It helps make your work more organized, and of course, remarkably faster.

XML Buddy

This grid-style editor works mainly on Windows and features syntax checking, which is the process of checking that the edited JSON file conforms to the rules of combining symbols in the JSON programming language.

An incorporated Schema Validator ensures that the structure and format of your edited file conform to accepted standards.

How do I Convert a JSON File?

To ensure the compatibility of your JSON file with a particular target destination, you may need to convert the file from the simple JSON format to a closely related file format. For normal processes, you may convert your JSON file to XML, HTML, SQL, YML AND CSV formats.

To convert the JSON file to any of these formats, all you have to do is load an online converter. Select the file you want to convert, and follow the appropriate prompts. The processes are simple and easy.

Simple online conversion tools such as Online Free Code Format, SQLizer, Online YAML tools, and Convertcsv can help you to convert JSON files to XML, HTML, SQL, YML AND CSV formats respectively.


What is JSON File?

JSON stands for ‘JavaScript Object Notation,’ and is a simple data interchange format derived from JavaScript.

Who developed JSON?

Douglas Crockford developed JSON in the year 2000.

Do all Programming Languages and Platforms support JSON?

Yes, the text-based nature of JSON ensures that numerous programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and PHP work conveniently well with JSON.

What program is needed to open a JSON-format file?

JSON files are plain-text files. You can use Notepad++ application in Windows and the Apple Text Edit on Mac PCs to open JSON files.

How can JSON files be opened on Android?

You can use JSON Genie and JSON Viewer for Android to open and edit JSON files on your Android device.

How to open JSON files on handheld Apple devices?

You can use ‘Jayson’ JSON viewer App to open and browse JSON files on your apple devices.


Overall, the JavaScript Object Notation format is very simple and easy to understand format. You can also edit it easily, and it fits perfectly well with other programming languages to create ultra-efficient applications.

Even though its inability to handle complex data formats may be a significant drawback. JSON is still a constructive and efficient data storage format.